14 Jun 2019
who is a good family dentist stuart?

There are a lot of misconceptions about oral health and taking care of our teeth. And a lot of people suffer from believing these misconceptions. That is why it’s important to visit a family dentist Stuart instead of believing hearsays and to spread the right information about oral health. To help save smiles, here are some common misconceptions about oral health:

The Only Time You Need to Visit the Dentist is if Your Teeth Hurt

If the only time you’ll visit a dentist is when your tooth is hurting so bad, then you’ll probably need a tooth extraction by then. Prevention is always better than cure. So, if you want to keep your smile beautiful and healthy, visit your family dentist Stuart regularly.

You Don’t Need to Go to a Dentist for a Baby Tooth

Taking care of baby teeth is very important to make sure that the adult teeth will grow in a proper manner. This will also help avoid the need for braces or surgery for impacted teeth. This means that taking care of your child’s baby teeth is a cost-effective way of avoiding spending thousands on treatments you can avoid in the first place.

Flossing Can Create Spaces Between Teeth

This is false. Flossing plays an important role in cleaning areas where brushing could not reach. This helps prevent plaque and bacteria buildup between your teeth, which saves you from suffering from decay.

who is the best family dentist stuart?

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